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Markha Valley is one of Nepal's lesser-known destinations, yet a jewel of plenty. This, however, is becoming in popularity little by little. This valley is famous for having two peaks named Kang Yatse, Kang Yatse 1 and 2. To get a feel for just how close Kang Yatse Peak is to the following peak, it is just necessary to locate DzoJongo Peak. It is around the same height as the peak of Stok Kangri, which is roughly 6240 metres tall. Kang Yatse 2's summit ascent is more akin to an enduring steep climb rather than a technical climb. This is better than StokKangri because of this.

The highest point in the Markha Valley is the head of the valley in the vicinity of Kang Yatse hills. There are two summits on the DzoJongo: the tough and difficult ascent to the genuine summit, and the challenging descent back down. This peak can be approached from the Markha Valley to the south or from the Skui Valley to the north. Similar to the Kang Yatse Expedition, this is the same path. but we prefer to use the route on the left side of the road, which is in the Lato town, near the Manali-Leh highway

Kang Yatse, StokKangri, Changtang valley mountains, and distant Karakoram range are all seen from the summit of the hill. Shiul, Chak, and Kongmaru La passes (5100+ metres) mark the start of the trek, although in most treks this isn't more than a detour. If you are at Kongmaru La, you can see the nicer side of Markha Valley.

The extremely steep ascent called DzoJongo Peak is completely unwalkable with just crampons and rope. Newcomers to the sport should err on the side of caution with StokKangri, but those with some experience should proceed with caution. It's a terrific opportunity for anyone seeking to reach 6000 metres and something that shouldn't pose much of a challenge. Those who are training for huge mountaineering excursions can also benefit from using it.

Day 1

Enjoy the day at Manali, shopping or site seeing nearby. Make sure to get all your trekking equipment’s today.

Day 2

The first day of the trek begins with a drive down to Udaipur via the Rohtang Pass situated at an altitude of 3950m above mean sea level. Enjoy the lushness of the valleys painted green in Manali before the landscape turns arid and rocky when we reach the Lahoul valley. Further drive down the Chandra river to reach Tandi and from there further down to reach Udiapur by late evening. Enjoy the night at some guesthouse.

Day 3

The drive to Khanjer begins just after breakfast. Enroute we can enjoy the fields of potatoes and several stupas. Drive down till we reach the village of Khanjer from where the actual walk begins. Following the ups and downs of our trail, we tred along the beautiful valley filled with bright flowers full of nectare to reach the top of a ridge marked by a Stupa. Crossing the lush meadows and the mighty rivers to reach our campsite in Khanjer.

Day 4

The morning begins with a climb through meadows crossing several streams. As we move further into the valley, the lush greenness gives way to barren lands. Continue trekking till we reach Alyas and camp for the night under the pitch dark sky.

Day 5

A day to rejuvenate our tired body and souls.

Day 6

The most treacherous part of our trek begins today. We start early as the progress would be slow. Crossing the freezing rivers, we start the dangerous climb up the moraines. Be careful of the steep slopes and the risky terrain. The climb ends at out campsite where we will rest for the night under the night sky.

Day 7

The day starts early as we move from the moraines into the glacier fields. This is where we have to be very careful about open crevasses. Climbing throughout the day will bring us onto our base camp at Kang La. Enjoy the beautiful Himalayas and tuck into your warm clothes at night as the temperatures drop quickly into the minus regions.

Day 8

Again we start early to avoid bad weather over the Kang La pass where visibility quickly drops to zero and the threat of deep crevasses very much exists. The climb becomes more and more tough and only a strong will power would help us conquer the pass at Kang La. A few hours of tough climb till we reach the top of the pass and enjoy the beautiful views all around. After some rest, we begin our climb down to reach our 3rd camp site near the Tema river.

Day 9

After a proper night sleep, we start following the Tema river downhill. Enjoy the beautiful meadows of wild flowers before the landscape turns into arid and desolate in Zanskar valley. Continue trekking to reach the rough road that leads to Bardan Gompa where we will set up for the night in camps.

Day 10

Drive back to Leh. Enroute enjoy the beautiful and historic Kargil Valley. On reaching Leh, check into a proper hotel for the night.

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